Home Days

We are lucky enough to live in an area with a thriving home ed scene. Even without doing the larger groups it is easy to find that the days fill up with social and group activities.

In the interest of balance I find we need some days to our selves.  I call them home days but like ‘home education’, the home description is loose.  They are days where we have only ourselves to suit.  Over the winter we definitely need them more too.

For us Monday is our untouchable day.  Only something really spectacular is allowed to intrude.  Jack finishes early and is usually home about 2.30 and I have Guides to prepare for so Monday is a good day relaxing at home.  I also find the whole week runs smoother if we get off to a good start.

Can also see another change in Sam.  For most of the last year he has often asked which friend is he seeing that day and grumbled when I’ve said no plans.  He needs downtime though even if he doesn’t always want it and I certainly do.  But when we were reassessing what we wanted to keep/lose/add to our social calendar he was adamant that we needed days without others.  Today, no query on friends, he did ask if Grandad could come and play though :).

We rattled through English, Maths, Science and Latin.  Read and chatted about the First World War (separate post due on that).  Did some browsing and buying, and creating a wishlist for some hands on resources. Then post arrived with a new Beano so he read that over lunch.

After lunch we went out for a scooter ride to the village to pick up some bits and pieces.  Then back along the seafront with some time in the skate park.

20141117_1 20141117_5 20141117_7 20141117_9 Grandad came round to play while I did some housework and got ready for Guides.  Then there was still time for some comedy sketches with the ‘sound machine’ and writing of thank you letters before I had to go.

Scooter was definitely a good present and more relaxed approach is suiting us.

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