My children will insist on growing up and making me feel old. Yesterday saw Sam turn 9.


The day before we’d spent some time at a softplay centre with lots of his friends so his birthday was a much more relaxed affair.  He needed to be cajoled out of bed to open his presents as he was too busy reading Harry Potter for the goodness knows how manyth time.

We picked up his best friend Oscar from the ferry in the morning and came back here where the boys played Sam’s new Xbox game, chatted, made a mess of Sam’s room, got on my nerves with the new ‘sound machine’ (every one needs a great aunt to buy those presents that children love but parents hate).

There was cake.20141115_2 20141115_3Playing in the park.  Sam’s present was a scooter so there was lots of scooting.  Including scooter jousting with pool noodles.

20141115_5 20141115_7 20141115_8 20141115_10

Then it was back to Gosport for birthday tea in KFC.20141115_15 20141115_16 Some nighttime scooting round and round the fountain.

20141115_10I got to enjoy the view.

20141115_13Then I delivered them both to Portsmouth so they could have a sleep over (or a stay awake all night over 😉 ) at Oscar’s.

20141115_19Love how many hand made cards there are :).


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