Planning Maths fun

Sam’s memory is poor.  His understanding of concepts is good but without the ability to recall facts instantly things are starting to be slow going and he hasn’t been enjoying Maths.

While I’d love him to be able to remember stuff easily, the not enjoying Maths is of far bigger concern.

I don’t think I’m going to find a curriculum that fits Sam better than Saxon and he’s been coming on well with it.  So rather than change curriculum I think an entirely new track is warranted – for a while at least.  So the books are put away for now and we’re going through a period of experimentation, we’ll reassess after Christmas.

One approach we’re using is to make use of computer packages.  I’ve signed him up for Mathletics and we’re using Timez Attack again.  Long term I like the look of iXL more I think.

We’ve a number of board and card games which are coming out.


I’ve invested in one of the Sir Cumference books that I’ve been eyeing up for years.  I’m also toying with the Murderous Maths books.

But the plan is really to spend next month messing around with maths concepts in a fun, relaxed way.  I’ve spent a lot of the day messing round creating maths puzzles tied in to Christmas themes.  We’ll dabble a bit with those.  Will also use 3D shapes and nets to make Christmas decorations.  Weighing and measuring will come in as is the season to bake.  Will do some budgeting/money maths with some Christmas shopping.  If time hope to do some exploring of graphs in relation to Christmas ideas – trying to think of ideas to graph that are not entirely food related…

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