Royal Marines Museum – Remembrance Session

This term we’re looking at the First World War.  The anniversary of the start of the war plus of course Remembrance Day means that there are lots of special exhibitions and events on.  The Royal Marines Museum in Southsea offers sessions on Remembrance for 2 weeks every November and relate it specifically to one of a list of battles – we focused on Passchendaele.

The session starts off with 10 minutes of military drill.  We’ve done this before and it always amuses me how our usual chaotic, undisciplined, rag tag bunch get into it.  Tempted to start all home ed activities like this and include parents 😉



A bit of a tour around some of the galleries, with some group activities introducing them to who the Royal Marines are and their history and an introduction to WW1.  The group of kids were drawn from a much bigger geographical area than many trips, so weren’t familiar with lots of the others there.  Impressed with them how they gathered together, older ones steering and very little adult input needed.

Yes the old sick looking one is a dummy 😉

20141107_7 Down to the education room and the groups researched the lives of two soldiers who were at the battle of Passchendaele.  One of the people they were looking at was a pacifist, but worked as a medic so he could help without taking life.

20141107_9 20141107_11

The men researched were either killed or injured at the Battle of Passchendaele.  The rice on this cloth is supposed to demonstrate every Commonwealth casualty (injury or death) at that one battle – a very powerful visual image.

20141107_16After ‘why we remember’ it was on to ‘how’ and right up all the stairs to the medal room.  After a look around poppies and medals as commemorations were discussed.  The really shiny ones at the top are those of the most decorated current serving Royal Marine.


These are WW1 medals.20141107_31Then it was back down all the stairs to the education room where some of the children were kitted out.

This is one of Sam’s friend as a WW1 Royal Marine.

20141107_39We managed a short play on the assault course and boat out side (making promises to go back) before a cold, blowy walk back to the bus.



Excellent introduction to a new theme.

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