Science play

Life is all about looking on the bright side.  Tuesday was a miserable, wet day but looking for positives it made it dark,  which when you want to play with torches and shadows is very helpful.

We were starting this half term’s science project on light and colour.

First experiment was looking at angles of reflection.

20141113_6We the moved on to refraction.  We sent directed beams through convex and concave lenses to see the bend in the rays.  One of those jobs that required too many hands for photographing.  However they discovered a far better way of illustrating the effect of refraction by playing with the lenses and torches.  Self discovery is always best.

Shining a torch directly through a convex lens shows how the light is refracted to a focus in the centre.


While shining it through a concave lens refracts the light away from the centre.20141115_18Our science session finished with lots of play with shadow puppets.

20141113_18 20141113_19 20141113_10Inspired use of one of my chairs to make a prison.





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