Shifting Sands

I can feel the shifting sands under my feet at the moment.  We’ve had a period of calm where we really found our grove both educational and socially but once again the ground is shifting and I’ve been thrown off balance a bit.  Not in a bad way, I’ve felt this often enough to know that it is the way things go, good to be kept on my toes. Life is a ever changing journey and home ed is life and part of that journey.

On the simplest level our approach to home ed has always been very seasonal. Not to the extremes we once were when the boys were young and we’d have a very home based structured winter schedule and an almost autonomous approach during the warmer months.  However the colder snap is definitely drawing us in and shifting plans, I’m in to busy period of work so that also plays a role in our routines.

But it is more than that stirring the sands.  Home ed group wise dynamics are changing as new members become involved and the existing brood grow, we’re seeing long term activities change and evolve.  On the home front, my Dad moved from North Wales to our road last week.  This is the biggest change in family dynamics since Sam was born.  I’ve lived at least an hour and a half train ride from family for most of the last 17 years and for the last 13 years we’ve been about 7 hours away from my family.  It’s a good change, but a change – there is another person to build into our week and it is going to take a while for us to find new routines that work.  Finally and maybe most importantly Sam is growing up.  He is 9 this week and has over the last couple of months blossomed with confidence and independence.  We’ve new activities he has taken on to work around and how we learn and socialise needs a bit of a refresh to accommodate his changing needs.

Interesting times ahead.

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