Christmas 2014

New Years Eve and a week has nearly gone by.  The decorations are down, the house is tidy and the thank you letters have been posted.

Christmas is always a relaxed peaceful time here and this year as an added bonus, after a month of illness we were all relatively well.  Still sniffley and coughing, this virus has been nasty, but so much better that nobody cares about that.

Christmas Eve was panto, treasure hunt and new pjs as ever.

Christmas Day and Jack was pathering about at 4.30 but kept returning to his room until just before 6 when he went down and made coffee before coming to us.  Half hour or so of Uno followed while we waited for Sam.

20141225_1 20141225_2 20141225_3 20141225_4

After bucks fizz and pain o chocolates it was tree presents.  Jack had a suit and the new Fifa, Sam a box of knights.

Christmas passed in a leisurely mix of playing, reading and snacking.  No one wanted a traditional lunch so we had a bung in the oven set of party snacks.

20141225_6 20141225_12 20141225_13 20141225_14 20141225_15 20141225_16 20141225_25 20141225_29 20141225_32 20141225_33 20141225_38Last is the ‘surprise’ hit of Christmas.  A maths game called City of Zombies – brilliant.

So lots of board game playing, lego, xbox and catapulting balls under the sofa.  Both Grandfathers have been around at different points.  Nice chilled time


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