Christmas is in the air

Finally feeling the Christmas spirit.  We had a busy social day yesterday, we offered open house in the morning to any local home educators who wanted shortbread and coffee.  Only a couple of takers with the time of year but enough to make it worth doing and easy to chat and removed my guilt about not organising a party or something bigger.  Have pretty much given up organising regular activities as in truth we don’t need them but have a bit of a guilt complex when I hear of new local home eders struggling (usually with younger kids), hoping that is getting sorted though as others seem to be mobilizing.

Anyway back to yesterday.  Jack finished at lunchtime for the holiday and the afternoon was a busy, loud one as he and his friend’s settled in the living room for cakes and X-box.

Eventually some resemblance of peace was restored and up went the decorations and the tree.


Love our tree pretty much all the decorations on it are handmade now.  Either by us, friends or picked up from Christmas markets – we add a new one every year from our special day out so it is hugely sentimental.  Did add this bought one this year – love maps and couldn’t resist when I saw it in the shop at the V&A.

20141220_14 20141220_24 20141220_18

Candles and painted pottery.

20141220_17 A whole host of angels.  From this wonderful book.20141220_13

The chains are fabric.  Fabric ironed on to interfacing and then cut into strips with pinking shears and stuck together with fabric glue.

Although today has been a relaxed, pottering, reading sort of day we have carried one theme over from yesterday – baking. Shortbread, polar bear cakes and gingerbread men.

20141220_1 20141220_3 20141220_27

Oops forgot colouring.

20141219_4 20141220_22

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