Dec 13th and 14th

Been another weekend shaped by illness.  Jack and I were supposed to go to a school play on Saturday afternoon but I’d been up most of Friday night with a stomach bug and Saturday afternoon was spent napping.  Me and both boys have barking coughs and this afternoon Sam has gone down with ear ache. Relaxed Christmassy prep just isn’t really happening.

We’ve done our advent colouring

20141213_4 20141214_2

I’ve managed to prepare our ‘activities’ but energy levels and enthusiasm are low.  They are things he’d normally love – playdough and fake snow.



We’ve kept up with Norad, our country calendar (Sweden and Poland) and reading from the Oxford Book of Christmas Poems.  All felt like an effort though 🙁

Looking for something positive to include, I’ve finished sewing the Christmas presents.




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