Dec 17th

20141217_23Finally getting the Christmas vibe.  Still coughing and not on top form but finally feel that the worst is over at last and we’re on the mend and we now sound far worse than any of us feel.

With the return of energy I capitalised on it to start long overdue deep clean,  In the run up to Christmas I always do all the kitchen cupboards empty and clean, defrost freezer and move all the living room furniture to hoover behind (including emptying and refilling every bookshelf and filing a years worth of paperwork).  Only then does the tree go up.  Late this year, tree is due to go up Friday!  I sent Sam to my Dad’s for the morning to play with him.  After the daily colouring of course.

20141217_10 I picked him up at lunch time and he spent an hour or so exploring Minecraft videos made by another home eder he knows, while I kept tidying.

20141217_11After helping finish the tidying we finally jumped on the bandwagon and watched Frozen.20141217_13Then we built a snowman out of this kit.20141217_14 Have to say theirs is better 😀 Dry hands would have helped I think as when wet the colour ran.  20141217_16A lot!

Then we curled up and read this.20141217_20Evening went in snacking on the gingerbread house and playing Uno.  Followed by an early night while we had a curry.



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