December 12th

Half way through advent!

20141212_3On the snowman theme, yesterday’s crystals worked really well.

20141212_5He’s still keen on the Norad games but they are a bit rubbish to be honest.  He only lasted a few minutes before switching to Timez Attack.

Country of the day was Mexico.  Which led to story of the day being The Miracle of the First Poinsettia.  I love Barefoot Books!20141212_31Activity of the day was the Gingerbread House.  I cheated and bought a kit this year.  Know my limitations 😉  We’ll bake some gingerbread men next week for nice gingerbread fix.

20141212_620141212_720141212_20Rest of the day was spent pretending to be a tortoise.

20141212_18Finishing off this half term’s science project (separate post to come).20141212_1120141212_23Then playing Xbox with Grandad while I braved the cold to run some errands.



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