December 1st

Advent!  I don’t do Christmas (besides shopping) before last weekend of November, but once I enter into the spirit I love it.  I know full well that trying to maintain routines throughout December is just going to cause stress so no longer bother.  We have so many extra activities and of course it is lurgy season and germs have already made their presence felt.

So we are using various advent calendars as the base of our ‘education’ this month.

Activity Village’s colouring calendar has to be our starting point.  I’ve seen all the illustrations and there are some really lovely ones to come.


We’re using Norad’s calendar.  Not really educational as such but who cares.  Bit temperamental this year though.

Also online we are using Woodlands calendar to find out about Christmas traditions from around the world.  Here’s Sam finding the day’s country on the globe.

20141202_2We’re adding a Christmas greeting from the country to a display.20141202_7We have a blessings calendar (coat hanger wrapped in tinsel).  Each day the idea is to tie on a star with something that has made him happy/that he is thankful for written on.  December 1st’s was Grandad coming around.  Still novelty factor there 🙂

20141202_9Our Christmas countdown chart.20141202_10Some Christmas maths.
Then we have an activity calendar.  Each parcel has a riddle which is a clue to something to do, make or bake.20141201_9

Activity 1 was felting penguins.

20141201_8Final Christmas activity of the day is a story or poem.  We’re not short of Christmas books. 20141202_34

We started with a new one.  This and it’s partner are so brilliant (we’ve had Santa Claus for years) that they merit a review post on their own.  One day soon…


Mustn’t forget the pose with the Chocolate ones.  Still going strong 🙂20141201_4 20141201_5

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