December 2nd

Our Activity Village picture


Today’s country on the Woodlands calendar was New Zealand.

After those and a play on Norad we were off to run all sorts of chores including dropping off a rucksack for the Rucksack Project.  It was heavy apparently!

20141202_1After ll the jobs it was off to the Dockyard where we took Rudy our ‘not so flat’ traveller for a whistlestop tour before meeting up with others for laser quest.  An activity he is loving 🙂

20141202_28Home for a bit of Minecrafting with Jack before Cubs.  Which he bought this impressive item home from (hole is very tiny!).


We still had stuff to do when he returned so by candlelight and firelight,20141202_42and accompanied by hot chocolate and Frozen songs he worked his way through his ‘activity’.  Constructing a reindeer and sleigh.20141202_4320141202_4420141202_4620141202_48Before we cuddled down and finished his Santa’s Reindeer book.

His blessing/happiness of the day was hot chocolate and laser tag.


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