December 4th

Day 4’s Activity Village colouring.

20141204_4Norad’s game got a better response today.

Project Britain’s calendar was still not working but I’ve now cracked the page url format so can access the pages.  Got 3 to catch up on today.

Most of the day was spent out and about, running errands and celebrating a friends birthday at a local soft play centre, before Gang Show.  So we decided to change the day’s activity.  We were supposed to toast marshmallows – promised him we’d do it soon after he didn’t have one at the Festival since we left early – but after cake for tea and sweets at Gang Show decided enough.  We ended the evening curled up in bed watching the Gruffalo’s Child as a treat instead.

Story of the day wasn’t Christmassy but I thought I’d count it as we haven’t really done picture books for years and cuddling up in bed on a cold night, with snuggly boy and hot water bottles reading possibly my all time favourite, The Gruffalo, definitely felt like a treat.

Oh and his happy thing of the day was not surprisingly soft play!

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