December 5th

Activity Village day 5.20141205_1 20141205_34Activity of the day was baking.  Lemon cinnamon stars – yum.

20141205_820141205_12We also made Maltese Honey Rings, he got the idea from Monday’s Project Britain calendar.  Edible I suppose – very, very sweet.

20141205_14We caught up on the last few days of our round the world advent calendar.20141205_15Updated the countdown chart.20141205_32Our story came from the Usborne Christmas Treasury and was the Little Fir Tree,

20141205_35 We then had a scoot to the village for hook a duck, Punch and Judy, bouncy castle and carols around the tree as the lights were switched on.  We love village life and not surprising this was his happy thing of the day.

20141205_36 20141205_40 20141205_46P.s today’s Norad game was rather fun.  I’m just tipsy enough (Guiders Christmas meal followed be several glasses of wine) to be considering a quick go myself now.

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