December 8th – 11th

Had a timely reminder of why we adopt a different pace and routine for our home education during December.  This week has been torpedoed by illness, ours and others.  Sam is actually the fittest of the lot, sniffy and wheezy (now on chest) but okay in himself.  Just a case of keeping him fairly wrapped up and watching that wheezes don’t escalate into infection/asthma.  Pete had it last week and is struggling to shake it off.  Jack is really suffering and has been in and out of school.  Friends have also been ill and all social engagements for the week have been cancelled.  Probably most disruptive to our plans though was I got knocked out for a day and a half.  Haven’t actually felt too bad just bit headachy and sore throatish.  Legs have turned to jelly though, and spend most of yesterday dozing on and off.  Quiet few days needed I think.

Our advent colouring

20141208_3 20141209_8 20141210_12 20141211_7

Countrywise we’ve looked at Australia, Argentina, Italy and Finland.


Norad games are still the highlight of the day.

Activities are having to be adapted to fit with energy levels and who is around.

8th was Winter crafts including this lovely snowman which I unfortunately stood on and trod puffy paint (pva and shaving foam – sticky!) everywhere.

20141208_329th we cancelled Science group but still managed some chromatography to make ‘fairy lights’.

20141209_5 20141209_1120141211_1410th – I was in bed and Pete was in charge.  So they made cheesecake.  Not Christmassy but within Pete’s comfort zone.

11th – More snowmen today but snowman science.  We set up our crystal snowman which is already growing.

20141211_8Then had a go at snowman slime.  It didn’t work!


Stories have been ‘The Grinch’, ‘The Christmas Truce’, Caspar’s Story and ‘Peter Rabbit’s Christmas’

20141211_11 Happiness calendar, we’re keeping up with but I’ve lost track.

What did not make us happy was watching the movie of ‘The Grinch’.  Not fans of Christmas movies here we don’t do overlong schmaltz.



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