Our Favourite Christmas Books

Sam has always been a why? how? that doesn’t make sense… sort of child.  Christmas and the ‘magic’ around it has always baffled him a bit.  I get the impression that he has always wanted to believe but never really has.

He used to struggle with the whole idea of fiction.  He understood the idea of it not being true but didn’t really get why people would bother with it if it wasn’t true.  He’s always preferred fact based books.

About 4 years ago I started looking for book dealing with the science of Father Christmas, after a search I came across this one in a little book shop on the IOW and instantly fell in love.


It is a truly beautiful book.  Not only is it beautifully illustrated but the content is amazing.  Presented as a non-fiction book it comes up with some wonderfully inventive ways to explain some of the trickier aspects of Christmas magic.

My favourite parts are the explanation of some of the equipment fitted on to the sleigh and the revelation that the Northern Lights are the elves having a disco.

Its a perfect blend of fact and fantasy, after all the best fiction has an element of truth and believability.   4 years on Sam still picks it up all year round.

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Copies have been hard to get (although Amazon now has copies) and for a couple of years I have been trying to source a copy as a present.  Having found it on Amazon, I found a companion.


Not as good as Santa Claus but still very, very good and comes with an Elf Diploma.  Lovely books for children outgrowing the 100’s of Christmas story books.

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