Winter Rhythms

Bit of a mixed bag last week.

In one way it was a busy one, friends round 2 days, to a friend’s another, a few hours out with Grandad on another and finished the week with the Dockyard’s Festival of Christmas.  Plus, of course, Cubs, Gang Show and first Christmas party of the season.  However, only the Festival took us outside our immediate area so by some weeks standards felt bit more relaxed.

Education wise, part of me thinks we’ve got it right; work is completed in a reasonable time, Sam’s largely enthusiastic and we’ve a nice balance between worksheet/curriculum stuff, use of computers, playing, hands on stuff and reading and discussion.  Of course the other part worries we’re not doing enough…

Colds and bugs are also starting to hit.  House is full of sneezes and wheezes.

Few photos of the week.

Skate park

20141125_5 20141125_16

Playing with lenses for science, making microscopes and cameras.

20141125_22 20141125_26


We also had fun with optical illusions, the rolled up paper tube making a hole in your hand trick went down well, and later in the week we had some fun exploring this site.


Art was Monet’s Bridge at Argenteuil.  We focused on the reflections.  Dividing paper in half drew scene on a bank on one side with oil pastels – Sam did bathers.  Then the paper was folded in half and rubbed the back of a spoon over the paper to leave a print on the other side.  Unfortunately skin colour didn’t work well.  A blue watercolour wash was painted over the top as the sky and a watered down wash over the bottom as the river.  Ripples were added with the darker blue.


We continued reading about WW1, focusing on trench warfare.  We also junk modelled a trench system for the Airfix WW1 British and German Infantry to fight on.


Entirely self motivated he built a trench system in Minecraft.

Festival of Christmas probably should have a post in it’s own right, but it was no where near as good as previous years and with Sam not feeling well we headed off even before the lights of the Warrior were on.  So have a photo gallery instead.


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