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A while ago someone started a thread on a home ed forum about ‘Morning Baskets’.

Here’s a blog post on the subject

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And a thread on Simply Charlotte Mason

As those who know me, or follow the blog, can imagine, I found the idea rather appealing.  However the level of organisation and dedication to keep going with that sort of thing is beyond me, I’m in awe and a bit scared of people who can carry it off.  Most of the baskets I’ve seen have a very strong religious element which just isn’t for us.  Also to be perfectly honest it sounds like there is more ‘work’ in some of these baskets than we manage in a day.

I am wary of anything that feels too schooly, or set in the ways it feels a bit forced and doesn’t work with Sam.  I think if I had 2 or 3 plus at home and we needed a bit more structure to accommodate the different needs then a small scale version may work as a way to bring us together but not for my one.

Couldn’t quite give up the idea though, so for the last few months have been playing a bit with the system to come up with something that works for us.  What we have settled on is a basket of books, adjusted every half term, that features a collection of fiction and non-fiction.  There are some tied in to the season, others to our current topics and the odd random one.  We have so many good books that they get lost on the shelves, the hope is by making some of them more easily accessible and changing them regularly we make better use of them.  The idea is that it is there to draw on in spare 1/2 hrs before lunch or while we’re waiting for visitors etc.  Sometimes for me to read to him but other times for him to read himself (he prefers reading to himself much of the time – he likes the sound his voice makes in his head :)) and then talk to me about – the latter when I need 20 mins or so to do something perhaps.

20150107_18 The current baskets.

The small ones have some maths card games and the books we’re reading for Science in, not really part of the book basket scheme but easily accessible.

The main book basket contains

What’s Where in the World

Basher Books The Periodic Table

The Nature Year – January

Enid Blyton’s Nature Lover’ Book

Johnny Ball Think of a Number

Once Upon a Time Map Book

The Great Race – The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone

My Granny Went to Market

The Story of Scotland (nod to Burns Night)

The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales from Around the World

Proverbs from Far and Wide

Myths and Legends of the World

The Puffin Year of Stories and Poems

Fireside Stories

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Shake Rag from the life of Elvis Presley

Lots of around the world tales to tie into mapping project.  If you haven’t guessed – huge fan of Barefoot books.

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