Feeling the Positive Vibe

Yesterday my Facebook feed was cluttered with posts from people, both friends and complete strangers on national groups, many of them on their first day or trying a change of approach/routine, sharing how well their day had gone.  Lots of positivity bouncing round the home ed community, lovely to hear.

Here we’ve had no radical changes. Tweaks to routine to accommodate changes to activities and try to make things feel less rushed.  A dropped bit of curriculum here, something picked up there nothing of major note.  Still it was a good day and it felt head clearing to get back towards the routine we abandoned at the end of November.

Yesterday was a stay close to home but with a bit of flexibility day according to my tweaks to schedule.  Not sure what I mean by that exactly but time will tell.  I think it is a good day to stay near to home and not commit to any group activities.  Weeks always go better if we start off productively, Jack finishes early and I have Guides and often need to allow prep time.  However, I don’t want to get caught up in thinking therefore we can’t do anything/see anyone as I had been. It is actually a good time for catching up with local friends and family on an ad hoc basis.

Anyway we started with English.  Handwriting, copywork, spelling, grammar and we’ve added a daily writing activity back in.  The writing activity was to write a paragraph of local information and a short paragraph about himself that we could use for our Postcrossing postcards.

Yes postcrossing.  Despite my best intentions in September, last term we managed to send one and receive none, after I forgot to reactivate our account.  So we decided to start the year off strongly and send a big batch.  Upping what we’ve sent should up what we receive too.  Hoping to keep up sending a couple a month at least.

20150106_4My new student – globe-headed boy.  No sorry it is Sam looking up where the cards were going.20150106_3 Starting a mapping project and some work on his Cubs Local Knowledge we took a walk around the local area.  We started off with a trip to the library and then Sam navigated us around most of the local village trail.

20150106_5 20150106_6



We managed a play in the park 20150105_35and a bit of a gander at the ship that has run aground off Southampton.20150105_3620150105_32At home Maths was Timez Attack and a game of City of Zombies.  Spanish was Duo Lingo and then there was some Latin too.

A map of our earlier walk was made.

20150106_11There was some Lego playing, Minecrafting, reading of Asterix.  We all ended up in bed at 7.30 reading.  Sam has discovered the Seven Wonders series by Peter Lerangis – nice to see him add a bit of variety instead of endlessly rereading Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus..


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