House of Cards

Over the last few years we’ve withdrawn more and more from larger home ed group activities but in some strange way our social group has expanded a lot as we try and keep up with friends we’ve made through groups as well as newer friends we’ve found by arranging to meet individuals.  But now instead of one or two group activities a week I find us trying to maintain 5 or 6 plus good friendships.  There are other people we like a lot who could be good friends but that we just seem to really struggle with time to see unfortunately.  Only way to get any much needed time at home by ourselves seems to be to turn down invitations or/and skip group activities we’d quite enjoy. Cue more guilt.

Into this already hectic mix, back in October, was added Gang Show – meaning loss of another evening a week and from Jan – Apr a Sunday too.  Plus we have had the change from seeing my Dad once or twice a year for a week at a time to him living on our road.  In the past we have always abandoned all regular life activities when my Dad was about but now we need to balance things.

We started December with a very wobbly set up and one slight thing would bring our routine crashing down around our ears.  It came, our Spanish tutorial needs to change days to suit the tutor.  Which means I get to spend my New Year’s Day scribbling notes on paper trying to work out a way to balance our time.

How to see everyone we wish to while having a decent amount of time to ourselves/flexibility is the challenge…

And this is predominantly about balancing life of one child, how those with 3 or 4 children manage is beyond me!

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