On a cold and frosty morning

The sniffles and wheezes are back but everyone remains cheerful so life carries on as normal.  We’ve had a few near to home, busy but relaxed days.  We’re managing to keep ticking stuff off my rough guides while at the same time following random threads of interest.

Weekend had a relaxed Saturday.  Lots of computer time.

Sunday was much fuller.  Started with lots of Surrealist art – was Jack’s homework but it sounded too fun for Sam to miss out.

20150118_4Games and airfix also featured.

20150118_3 20150118_1Both boys had Gang Show rehearsals.  Afterwards we had a rare evening in front of the television.  Jack had dug out the Robin Hood dvds for a blast from the past.

Monday. English was done very quickly and efficiently as was a bit of Mathletics.  But then we decided to look at shapes and the rest of the morning vanished in playing with tangrams.  Turns out I struggle to solve my own designs.  Need to do solutions for the website I think.

20150120_62 20150120_61 20150120_104

After lunch we got outdoors, although seem to have missed the sunshine.  Then there were a couple of teenagers in the skatepark ‘who might swear’, so Sam had to be coaxed in.  He insists on leaving places if he hears bad language and I’m still reminded about the time I swore (about 2 years ago!).  Not quite sure where it comes from, Pete and I very seldom swear – comes out when there are stubbed toes or cramp involved.  Just find it rather vulgar, but aware in minority.  Sam though is grossly offended!  Do wonder what it will mean for friendships in upcoming years as he and his friends reach teenagerdom and boundaries get tested.  Think there will have to be lowering of moral standards! 🙂

20150120_2020150120_22 We stopped in to see Grandad and then headed home for Minecraft.  While I was at Guides there was chess practice, finishing plane and reading about Romans apparently.


Tuesday and we knocked off English.  We’ve moved on to character descriptions opposed to physical descriptions.  Spanish and Latin followed quickly.  Then determined not to miss the sun this time we headed to the park.  Just one of the many, many reasons I love home ed.

Sam is definitely my child in many ways – hates the feeling of falling – means that slides, monkey bars, fireman’s poles, going high on swings doesn’t happen… usually!  So attempting and enjoying the zipwire (even such a small one) is a huge personal milestone.  So please forgive the lots of park photos but it was a lovely morning.

20150120_40 20150120_46 20150120_31 20150120_34 20150120_38 20150120_35 20150120_27 20150120_26 20150120_25

We also had fun playing with icy puddles and collecting bits for an art idea.


Home, lunch, science (separate post), City of Zombies for Maths and some playing with the calculator, few chapters of Around the World in 80 days, Minecraft and First Aid session at Cubs made it a full day.

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