Reasons to love home ed no. 567

Sam has a cold and his asthma is playing up.  He’s not particularly ill but he’s not completely right either.  One of the reasons home ed has always worked so well with Sam is that it is so easy to tweak and adapt plans.  There is no ‘is he well enough for school’ dilemmas, no guilt at sending him in when he’s below par because that is what you have to do, or hassle from schools/ewos because you don’t and his attendance isn’t ‘good enough’.

There are very few days when it would be hard to find some evidence of education taking place – basically only days spent sleeping or vomiting.  On days where he may have been too sick for school often we can carry on more or less as normal (perhaps in pjs and blanket as a treat) as we don’t have to worry about the going out in the cold, passing on germs, energy levels lasting the day.  Sometimes when he’s really not great we end up retreating under blankets on the sofa for books and documentaries.

Anyway back to yesterday – the sneezes, wheezes and rain simply meant that we opted for an indoor day rather than the pencilled in outdoor one.

English was done efficiently, including looking at story settings.

20150122_9Latin and he’s finished Level 1 🙂

Spanish done curled up in bed.

Maths was some Timez Attack and Fraction pairs


We made a game to practice giving directions (needs some work!)20150121_3Looked at route mapping from bus maps.  I want the boys to be confident using public transport, I think it gives them such a huge amount of independence and self reliance.  We planned the trip we’d intended to take with a view to doing it on Friday.  Looking up times on the timetables as well.20150121_5

We then had a game of the London Game to practice using the tube map.  Confidence navigating London is another key aim for the boys, opens up so many opportunities.

20150122_1We finally got around to watching the first of the RI Christmas lectures.

Then spent the afternoon in front of the fire reading.20150122_7 Looking up where some of the stories were set.20150122_3Rest of the day passed in playing Minecraft with Jack, chess with Pete and an early night.

Not bad for a ‘sick day’.

P.S.  Sorry for all the positive posts at what for most people is the hardest point in the home ed year.  If it helps I will be miserable from May to July (always am – heat and hayfever make me grumpy and Sam harder work too).


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