The windy week that whizzed away

Week seems to have gone in the blink of an eye.

Besides the usual we’ve been exploring some new resources. There is a teacher that donates loads of good stuff to a local Oxfam, sometimes I can get some really good stuff.

20150116_9In creative writing we’ve been working on descriptions.20150116_13

Mapwork has been writing directions and following them.
20150116_7Gosport-20150112-01918 Gosport-20150112-01916

There has been a fair amount of getting cold and wet.


We’ve received quite a few postcards via postcrossing so we bought a new big map and have been tracking them.


Maths wise we’ve been exploring a resource based on Maths comic strips.  We’ve played various versions of Maths pairs, City of Zombies and other games (inc awful Beano one).  Mathletics and Timez Attack have both featured and he’s been rereading some of his Murderous Maths books.20150116_1There has also been a fair discussion of financial matters as we had a day spent in banks dealing with new accounts (for boys), standing orders and other bits.  Perhaps not a full day but considerably over an hour so it felt like a very long time.

We’ve had new resources to explore and plans to make.
20150116_2With the weather (and a new cold) keeping us indoors we’ve dug out the Kinect and had fun bowling, boxing and playing football.

Social wise there has been board games with Grandad,  lunch out with friends, laser quest, art and Spanish and a friend over for X-box play as well as Cubs and Gang Show.

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