Another thing that has got lost in the illness/Christmas slump.

This was a bit of an odd project, I had no particular learning objectives in mind and intended no ‘finished product’.  It is a subject I am sure we will come back to in the next 4 years with the benefit of added maturity so this time round the aim was simply to read around the topic, follow paths of interest, discuss and simply take whatever he did from it.

We read a lot!  Here’s most of the reading matter.




We had packs from Royal British Legion and Commonwealth War Graves, OU, newspaper specials and a replica pack to explore.


We found the BBC Schools site excellent as usual.

The Royal Marine’s Museum laid on a Remembrance workshop for us.

20141107_41There were the poppies at the Tower.


At the Tower there was also an exhibition relating to Wartime espionage.Exhibition about Wartime spies

Plus reenactments of WW1 recruitment WW1 recruitment reanactment

There were local exhibitions to explore.

Dressing up
Dressing up

We did some modelling and acting out of trench scenes with Airfix. Don’t think I have a finished product photo

There was fun with transfers.


We looked at poppies in art. Monet’s and Georgia O’Keeffe.


And in a nod to Gove there may have been a tiny bit of this 😉

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