All’s well that ends well

I felt totally unprepared for this last week.  Half term did not feel like a break at all, too many other things took priority over home ed planning.  I have a few little niggles about things that aren’t working for me, which I need to sort out but they involve others and a need to be sensitive to avoid upset and I know I’m not the most sensitive particularly when tired.  But trying hard to mentally shake myself off and by the end of the week thanks to a bit of mood lifting sunshine, everything looks better and problems look very minor.

Maths, English, Spanish and Latin plod along.  Spanish has had a resurgence in enthusiasm since we moved to using the Duolingo app.  Means we both have accounts and he has the motivation of trying to stay ahead of me 😉

Maths is where I had hoped to manage some planning.  Relying heavily on Mathletics at the moment and it is starting to bore.  He’s learning from it still so we’ll plod on until Easter and then hopefully inject a bit of umphh into things.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly about ticking stuff off.

Inspired by our visit to Southampton Art Gallery last week we made a wire sculpture and wrapped it in modroc.  Not exactly sure what it is.  Sam kept changing his mind.  Will have to see when it is painted. Bit of very messy fun.


We started off our farm project with the first episode of Victorian Farm over lunch.  Afternoon was spent doing a bit of Cub badge work and expending some energy on Kinect Sports.

Tuesday was another day near to home.  Besides the usual core work we had a walk to the village to do a couple of errands and back via library.  More Cub badge work followed.  Aiming to fill the blanket at Cubs since the Scout badges are pretty much impossible.  Then we had friends for the afternoon.  Four boys disappeared into the conservatory to play Lego for the afternoon.  I played with my friend’s 5 year old daughter for a while, indulging in some ‘girly stuff’.  Until she found the knights which were far more interesting and I was tasked with making her some bracelets by myself :).

Weds was home ed trip day.  Tesco’s Farm to Fork trail.  Bit of a nightmare to organise this one but ended in a nice morning.


Afternoon plans were torpedoed when the museum was closed (opening hours changed on Monday!).  We had planned to go and at the strawberry farming display.  Instead we picked up a bit of shopping and went home.  I spent the rest of the afternoon on HE group admin while Sam built a farm on Minecraft.

Thursday was home day.  Corework, a bit of strawberry stuff for our project, art group, Spanish tutor and another episode of Victorian Farm.

Friday and the sun burst through and outdoors was calling.  We started off with core work and were done and dusted by 10am.  So we headed out with my Dad to Titchfield Abbey for an explore in the sunshine.  Titchfield Abbey is one of my favourite local places, one of the Abbeys gifted by Henry VIII to his supporters as a private home it has fascinating history yet is now a ruin.  It isn’t staffed and is completely open to the public, a favourite place for locals to walk dogs it is a brilliant place for climbing, exploring and playing.  My Dad fell in love with it too so suspect it will become a frequent haunt now we have car use.

20150227_19 20150227_16 20150227_6 20150227_1 20150227_17 20150227_11 20150227_8 20150227_4 20150227_2We headed up to Garsons Garden Centre from there.  Looked at the fish and reptiles, played in the park and explored the farm shop before heading home for lunch.

After lunch it was out again for a scoot to the village for a few ingredients for our afternoon topic plans.

20150228_23Back home we watched the online field trip about Strawberries from Tesco and completed some of the activities connected to it.


We then had a go at planting some strawberries from seed!  And herbs.


After that we greeted the arrival of Jack home from school with homemade strawberry milkshake.20150227_2320150227_31 Jack had scouts so Sam and I cuddled down with the first of the Hobbit movies.  I celebrated finishing our work on strawberries with a treat for me for a change.


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