Chemical reactions, compass points and coughs/colds

One of the great advantages of home education is that no one is putting pressure on you for attendance figures it is your call what your child does.  One of the disadvantages of home education is you find yourself having to make calls on how well your child is all the time and it’s hard!

Sam has a cold and chesty cough, he’s wheezing but not particularly asthmatic but I know how quickly he can tip meaning we have had tricky calls over the last couple of days.  We opted not to visit a friend, mainly to avoid passing it on because that would be bad.  But chose to go to laser quest (I would be worst mother ever if he missed that – high point in the month).  Cubs we decided to skip as he’s been worse at night and they were hiking.  Think in the end that was over cautious as he wasn’t as bad last night and seems pretty much fine today.

In between the toing, froing and decision making we’ve covered maths, English, Latin and Spanish as normal, been working on atlas skills and exploring chemical reactions.

Vinegar and baking soda
The brown things are airfix soldiers – aka explosion casualties
Using cabbage water as an indicator to test for acid/alkali
Moved on to testing random contents of the fridge
Moved on to testing random contents of the fridge

Besides laser quest we’ve also had a trip to Stanley Park to practice our map skills ‘in the field’.

Using 6 fig ref to find location of geocache on the map – that we then failed to locate on the ground.
We made pictures using the 8 compass points instead after a second failed cache!
We played catch each other with the string.
And hide and seek with squirrels.

Then having jettisoned the dead wood  sorry parted company our friends we went on to find a cache on the way home :).

One of those days where he gets so involved it is lovely to see.  Testing the acids took us beyond 7pm and then he still wanted to play a maths board game 🙂

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