Freedom from timetables, curriculum and the other restrictions of school is wonderful.

While I can wax lyrical about the benefits of routine to happiness and security, I believe that the little steps out of routine are what make life that bit more bearable, almost feel like sinful treats.  The abandoning books for a sofa afternoon, the being in pjs at 6.30 on a Tues night as a rare night of no Cubs run, etc.

So Tuesday went

Snow hour or so…

We do get excited about a pathetically small amount on the south coast but the white stuff is so rare what we get deserves full attention (cancelled science group so they could stay home and play).

20150204_8 20150204_9 20150204_3

Off to meet a friend for lunch, cinema and a sleepover on a weekday.  No waiting for weekends to celebrate birthdays.

IMG-20150203-01967 IMG-20150203-01966 IMG-20150203-01965

Meant I got some clothes shopping done as I was in town on my own and a pleasant afternoon/evening with Jack.

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