Half term

Where as we do actually observe half terms since Jack went to school it doesn’t make them a quiet time as there is always the next 6 weeks to prep for and all the things that we can’t fit in normally to squash in.

We’ve had days out…

On Monday to the Mary Rose

20150218_2 20150218_3

And Thursday to Southampton.  Sam and I met friends at the art gallery to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition while Jack went shopping with his friend.  For some reason all my photos vanished (camera failing) so stole Kathryn’s as it is lovely.



There has been no Guide’s but we had a Guiders meeting instead, which takes far longer.  Then there was a table top fundraising sale which took up a morning and the updating of paperwork.  I’ve lost hours on the phone trying to deal with mass incompetence relating to a HE trip 🙁

Took a good while to update the diary.  May possibly have over booked us :/ Yet again!

Have done some HE planning (need to do more too).

We’ve had a massive sort out and have 6 large boxes ready for a jumble sale in March.

Plus some very messy (but fun) projects for work.


And of course there were pancakes 🙂


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