Home day

It has been a full busy week, lots achieved (all ‘work’ ticked off) and lots of fun had along the way (plenty of ‘socialising’ ticked off) so today was a pottering about at home day.

Our copywork and narration this week has been on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Sam is now brave enough to read Dahl so decided to read the full book.  He started last night after Gang Show and lay in bed reading it to the end this morning.

We had some ‘jelly stones’ lying about so spent some time this morning playing with them, mixing the colours and making them expand.

20150312 20150311 20150310 20150246Then for good measure made some real, edible jelly.  No I don’t know why the expression.

20150314 A good long spell on Kinect Sports followed until Sam had thrashed me at everything and I was completely exhausted.

After lunch we had a long, messy crafting session for work – powder paint, ice, shaving foam, spraying water, squeezing paint.  Great fun!

20150230 20150215 Some baking followed.  All I had to do was take it out of the oven!  Oops 🙁

20150316Not bad for a taking it easy day 🙂



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