Map Project

Lessons (re)learned on this one.  Don’t over plan and workbooks are the quickest way to kill interest in a subject (for both of us).

We got off to a good start and had fun with the route planning aspect.

20150122_1 It is when we started on the worksheet element that it started to drag.  Never got around to a number of the hands on activities planned.  Although we did get out and about using maps a fair amount.



If I look back over my original objectives though I’m happy we achieved all but the last one.

  • Be able to follow simple routes marked on maps
  • Be able to navigate simple routes using local street map, road map, public transport map, OS map
  • Understand key, symbols, grid ref and contour lines of an OS map
  • Know 8 pt compass and use.
  • Understand how to use an atlas and be able to interpret different types of maps.
  • Be able to use online maps.

Definitely been reminded by this one that I can over plan and generally things go better when there is some element of ‘winging it’.

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