Tesco Farm to Fork trip

Yesterday we had a school trip to Tesco and it really was a ‘school’ trip right down to the bright tabards, clipboards of worksheets and no real in depth learning taking place at all.  The subject was Farm to Fork – ask any of those children where the food they were looking at came from and they won’t have a clue unless they already knew.  That said it was designed as an activity to get children out of the classroom and offer an experience, the shop had put a lot of effort in and the children enjoyed it, held the interest of even to youngest.  Was something a bit different.  For us it was a nice way to introduce a new topic and we’ll look at the online field trips to cover the farm side (plus we have a few farm visits booked).

Touring the storage area
Touring the storage area


In the freezer


Seeing the cookies go into the oven


Computerised oven control
Learning how to fillet a fish. The faces 🙂
Cheese tasting

Also did some work in the fruit and veg aisle and some fruit tasting.  Before going away with more fruit, a goody bag of recipes and the all important baked cookies.

20150226_18We had planned to follow up with a trip to the local museum to view the strawberry gallery but it was closed!

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