Window on another life

One of the bits of advice I like to give out is; don’t waste time on doubting past decisions, yes life would probably be different if you’d made different choices, but would it be better, worse or just different it is impossible to know.

Anyway where this comes from is Jack has been off a bit this week with illness and inset days so I’ve had both boys around on what was effectively school days and a bit of a glimpse of life if both were home.  Usually if Jack is off sick he spends most of his time in bed so we can keep some level of normality going.  Tuesday that was the case and I was feeling decidedly below par too so things were quiet.  Wednesday though he was fine but was still within 48hr sickness so we had a ‘home ed’ day.  Went over some maths, did a bit of story writing for the 500 words competition, but mostly messed about with Scout badges.

Lot harder work having them both about.   Obviously if Jack was home all the time we’d have routines.  I take my hat off to those who home ed more than 2 though.  I can imagine it is one of those things that gets harder rather than easier as they grow older and needs/interests diversify.

As far as Sam and home ed goes it has been a meh week.  Maths, English, Spanish and Latin completed with no fuss.  We’ve done some project work but in a low key way using a pack printed off the OS.  Art/Spanish group was not one of our disrupted activities.  We’ve done enough but feels like it’s been a bit box ticking, no real hands on stuff, no real trips.  Most exercise has been on the kinect.  No interesting photos to show.

But with J about 3 days, my elderly neighbour not being well and me spending 2 afternoons round there and then I had a meeting on Friday about accessing funding for home ed activities.  I think I’ll take what we managed.

Our day out was Friday and actually although it had no educational purpose in itself (but will hopefully lead to some funded arts/drama activities) it was a big step forward in the independence/growing up stakes.  I left Sam in town with Jack for an hour, while I had my meeting.  Mine and Pete’s birthdays are later this month so they went present shopping (and played on the playstation in Game).   Growing up!



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