Beans means …


Our look at food and farming last week led us on to preserving.  We’d watched them preserving food on Victorian Farm and the concept of preserving is not new as we always make jams.  So we used the Tesco online field trip Saucy Baked Beans to look at canning.

We started off with a quiz to see what we knew about baked beans (not a lot!)

20150308_24We read about the history of food preservation

20150308_28And discussed advantages of canning



Maths on Friday was to make a can.  Concepts covered were 2D and 3D shapes, nets, diameter and circumference of a circle and Sam was very happy as got to use his calculator for real maths.  This really has to be my focus after Easter making maths more practical and engaging.

20150305_7 We researched some of the different canned food that you can buy around the world.  We also looked at labels and the information included on them, such as cooking instructions, nutrition…  Then Sam made a label for his can of ‘smoked rattlesnake’.

20150305_9 We used the photopack from Tesco to look at different beans

and used a variety of dried ones to make a mosaic.

20150305_11We considered beans as seeds and after soaking to soften a bit dissected some to see if we could see the plants inside.
20150308_1020150308_620150308_1720150308_7Then we planted some so we can watch them sprout.20150308_19We also had a go at making our own baked beans entirely unsuccessfully; beans refused to soften, sauce was nasty and even the camera ate the photos.

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