Day on the Farm

A proper Spring day in the countryside today as we visited a localish dairy farm.  Making sure the photo for the link is a cute one.  This calf was less than 4 hours old 🙂

20150318_23We observed where they made their own ice-cream, the milking parlour and the behind the scenes operations – explaining how they keep track of which cows are pregnant and when calves are due.

20150318_1320150318_1520150318_16Then of course there were cows.  Big ones, some very big as very pregnant.  Small ones, some very small as hours old.

20150318_20 20150318_3320150318_21 20150318_19 20150318_17 20150318_22

Then there were chickens, geese and ducks to feed and eggs to collect.

20150318_29 20150318_27 20150318_2820150318_31

After lunch while we watched a video about the farm we got to try some of the farm-made ice cream.


Then there was time for a tractor ride around the fields and village.  Here’s some of the views.20150318_48

20150318_40 20150318_38 20150318_43 20150318_45 20150318_46 20150318_42

Lovely old village church I’d like to go and nose around.20150318_50

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