Been an up and down week.  Home ed though seems to be about the only thing going right at the moment though.  Not achieved as much as I’d hoped to project wise but other things were draining my mental and physical resources.  Try not to let ‘my stuff’ get in the way but it inevitably does at times particularly when I’m feeling below par.  One of the reasons for keeping a blog is to force me to reflect and consider on whether I’m getting the balance right between home ed and life.  Looking at this last week we may not have done as much as I wanted in some areas but we happy we did enough.

As already covered we’ve had art and Spanish groups, some fun with Maths and finished Writing With Ease 1.

We’ve also had our monthly Laser Quest session, this remains the highlight of Sam’s month and attended a concert by the Southbank Gamelan Players.

We’ve done a bit of work on the idea of different areas having different styles of farming, mostly through looking at maps and discussion.  We went to a local Farmer’s Market over the weekend and Sam used the farmers market cookbook we’d picked up to make a cheese and apple panini from local supplies.

20150309_1020150309_14Beans are sprouting and being observed.  Our bum cress is also growing (I wanted to do his name!).



We had a flash of more autonomous style when he decided to teach himself piano through youtube videos and sat there for 3 solid hours completely engrossed.

20150315_1Lots of reading going on as we’ve had trips to library and charity shops and a box arrive from the Book People.  Some old Beano annuals and other Beano related books, a couple more Murderous Maths (bedtime reading of choice atm) and a twaddlish diary of a pig have all been read already.  Other books are more longer term resources (bought because I will read and I suspect Pete will too, so not a waste if not used) or more summer time as we ease off as tend to find it hard to keep up with anything too structured once hayfever season arrives and need something new and fun to grab us.

20150315_6 20150315_3 20150311_4

At some point without me Sam managed a home-made keyring and card.  Jack also managed to surprise me this morning with not only a card but a big box of chocolates and a very fetching leopard print onesie.  They’re good boys.  I always find Mother’s Day a bit hard, it may be nearly 12 years but will never stop missing my own mum.  I’d hate a big fuss but a home made card means the world.


Notice the not found storage for new books yet!


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