Down to Earth Farm Trip

A very, very early start this morning as we had to be in Southampton (a bus ride away from the station!) by 9.20.  I very seldom do home ed trips outside the immediate area now (unless I’ve organised it myself to tie into a project) but this one sounded lovely, was such a perfect fit for our term topic and was being run by an old friend that I only ever seem to manage Facebook contact with.  We actually left the house before 7 as we were ready early.

Sun shone and it was a full and fun day.  My camera unfortunately is playing up and keeps deleting photos and blurring.   It is the one I decided was no longer good enough for work.  Think I need to bite the bullet and buy myself a camera for personal use so I have one that lives at home solely for work.

But here’s a taste of what my camera will let you see that we did.

We started in the small animal room

We met some sugar gliders and degus rats, stroked a hedgehog and a bantam chick


20150306_6Then we were lucky enough to see Dr John the tortoise wake from hibernation – climbed out the box – so they got to help bath him.20150306_14 We saw geckos but unfortunately Oscar the corn snake stayed locked up and asleep.20150306_16The bearded dragons stayed locked up too but were too lovely not to get a photo.20150306_8After the small animal room we got a tour of the barn yard.

Only got a poor photo of the sheep as think camera ate the only other one I tried to take and I was too busy chatting to one of the home ed dads about a future trip that we are probably far more excited about than the kids will be.

20150306_17We learnt about the pigs and then Sam got to go in the pen.20150306_1920150306_22I don’t appear to have any photos of the chickens and egg collecting which was Sam’s favourite part of the day but here’s a turkey20150306_21And some slightly mad geese


We also saw the goats and cow.

20150306_31 20150306_30 20150306_29 20150306_27After lunch, we went to the shop where we bought a magnet (as we do every trip), this one is of Oscar the corn snake.


And a Hobbit hole!  Couldn’t resist, Sam has just finished reading it.20150306_38


Then it was time for some crafting.  They made felt and decorated a sheep, mainly Sam and one other boy it has to be said but that was at the expense of felting.  But then we’ve felted before and will again and you don’t get to decorate a sheep every day.

20150306_4020150306_43Final activity was goat grooming.

20150306_44To wrap up some of the beautiful spring flowers that were showing their face.

20150306_47 20150306_35 20150306_34 20150306_33


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