Farming Project – Planning

I have perhaps gone too far the other way from maps and this one may be too field trip heavy.

Plan to look at 2 main areas

History of Farming

We have a book on order ‘A Farm through Time‘, another book on request from the library on changes in modern farming.

We plan to work our way through the dvds of

Tudor Monastery Farm

Victorian Farm

Edwardian Farm

and Wartime Farm

We’ll no doubt have a visit to Manor Farm too

Where our food comes from

Using the Tesco Eat Happy project as a base the idea is to look at different aspects of how our food is produced by focusing on a different area every week.  We’ve also found a series of books (like this one) which we have borrowed/requested from the library.

Week 1 – Strawberries

Tesco Farm to Fork visit

History of local strawberry farming at Westbury Manor

Online field trip

Tesco resources

Milkshake and planting

Week 2 – Preserving food

Baked Beans field trip

Supporting resources

Grow bean (in diff conditions?), dissect beans, bean mosiacs

Warhol Campbells Soup

Cylinders – nets and volume

Visit to Urban Farm

Week 3 – Local Farming

Attend local farmers market

Cooking with local produce

Look at maps of main farming types, discuss reasons

Farm animal crafts

Week 4 – Dairy

We have a Cd-rom of a Dairy Farm visit

Trip to a Dairy Farm

Make ice cream

Milk online field trip

Milk resources

Cheese online field trip

Cheese resources

Week 5 – Bread/Grain

Resources from the Grain Chain

Bread online Field trip

Tesco resources


Mill visit?

Week 6 – Eggs

Eggs online field trip

Eggs resources

Manor Farm with chicken book?

Easter crafts


General resources

Farm behind the fork

Farming and countryside education

Eat Happy Project

Minecraft – he is building and maintaining a farm

Farming simulator on tablet

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