Filling in the Gaps

I have a habit, probably like most bloggers, of focusing on groups, trips and projects but so much more goes on. So here’s a brief summary of what else we managed this last week.


Mainly Mathletics, focusing on column addition and subtraction and some multiplication.  Supplemented with Timez Attack.


Handwriting was practised.  We use Getty Dubay.  Working on book C so starting to learn cursive.  Grammar was focusing on prefixes, in particular dis and un and how they change the word to mean the opposite.  We started Writing With Ease level 2 and he’s managing the leap up and dictation well.  Spellings never troubled him.


3 days of Duolingo practice and weekly Spanish tutorial with a native speaker.


Using “Latin’s Not So Tough” we started an level 1 which was far too easy, on level 2 now and introducing vocabulary.  Isn’t particularly inspiring but only takes a couple of minutes and the simplicity of it appeals to Sam.  Won’t turn him into a fluent Latin speaker/reader but we’ll keep plodding through as long as he’s happy as like the idea of a bit of basic Latin to support English and Spanish.  He is already spotting similarities.


We read through our science book on Monday to take us up to where we needed to be for Tuesday’s Science club.  It turns out I don’t really understand Electricity so well.  I’ve bought a dreaded lapbook that we’ll hopefully work through this week and next to help both of our understanding.  One of the big questions about home ed is what happens when you don’t know something – well this – you find out.  I identified my understanding was lacking so researched and found a resource that I think will give us both a better grasp of it.

At group we looked at electrolysis and circuit diagrams.  Made different circuits and investigated the effects on a bulbs brightness from different numbers of batteries and bulbs.  We also made our own switches.

20150318_5 20150318_10 20150318_7



Friends round for Science and a play on Tues, off to another friend’s for the afternoon and then Cubs.  Weds was a group trip.  Thurs had friends for Spanish.  Friday was a play in the park with other home ed families while we failed to see the eclipse.  Love watching how good he is with younger kids and then he got to make a new friend as an old friend’s brother has joined the local home ed ranks.


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