Houses of Parliament

Yesterday was one of those remember for a long time/for ever trips.

Pottered up to London for a stroll on Southbank, coffee in the shadow of Westminster Abbey and then an educational visit to Parliament.



We toured Houses of Commons and Lords and sat in the galleries while they were in session, saw the old parts where the court sat that sentenced Charles the 1st, stopped in Central Lobby a few times which was amazing!

We spotted some famous faces such as Floella Benjamin in the Lords.  The most famous person we saw though would happen to be my least favourite politician ever – Ed Balls!  Unfortunately I was too busy worrying about getting on the escalator (bit of a phobia of down escalators usually avoid at all costs, I can just about cope if no one is behind me and I don’t feel rushed and who was behind me but Ed Balls!) to turn round and kick him in the shin.

Photos not allowed not surprisingly in main area.  But here’s one of the old hall.

20150324_8After the tours we did a voting workshop, which turned out to be a lot more relaxed and fun than anticipated.

20150324_9 20150324_10We then had a question and answer session with my local MP.  I actually like her a lot more now as she coped valiantly with the fact that a lot of the kids lived out of constituency and didn’t know or care who she was, she instead got to listen to a story about cats pooing on someone’s lawn but it was okay as the owners moved a few weeks ago so they don’t need the MP to go and talk to them anymore.  Then it just degenerated into what the kids would do in power, lots of very worthy suggestions and lots of discussion on the practicalities of giving everyone a hamster!

They also supplied us with a load of fabulous free resources.


I’d worked myself up into a state of worry the day before most unlike me.  In the end my worry over the number of adults going in and them even expecting us was put to rest early morning.  We ended up in the wrong place but that was their instructions and most groups do the same apparently!  All went fine until we got back to Fareham and I ended up with one vomiting child and one desperate for the toilet with no working toilets on the station – in my doomsday imaginings I’ll take that as an acceptable low point on an otherwise fantastic day.

Oh and here’s our Southbank sight of the day (love Southbank always throws up the weird and wonderful).  He was giving it everything, wiggling and singing and you can’t see the random plastic animals.



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