Knowing your limits

Things have been going too well for too long!

After the excitement of Monday’s Parliament trip the week has fizzled out really and I’m not holding out huge hopes for the next 4 days to be honest.  Bugs have hit and hit bad, getting all of us!  Have a humdinger of a head cold and a really chesty cough.  Managed to strain some muscles in my back earlier in the week too, although a couple of days of little movement and a hot water bottle strapped to the back seem to have done the trick.  Only hurts when I sneeze, which unfortunately I’m doing quite a bit.

Core work has been shelved this week and everything else has been a bit hit and miss.  But you know what in the great scheme of things it really doesn’t matter, when I list it I’m sure it will still look a lot.  This is why I prefer to think of my educational planning as a suggested guide, a list of ideas rather than a todo list.

We’ve done some of an electricity lapbook.  Playing again with static electricity.

20150328_5We only lightly touched on our food theme for the week, bread.  Watched the videos from the Eat Happy project and had fun with some bread facts.  Plus we used the free study pack from the Grain Chain to look at different stages in the milling.  Back wasn’t up to kneading so only actual food stuff we made was some bread bowls by hollowing out the ends of loaves for soup.20150328_820150328_6I was looking to clear out some resources so we’ve played a lot of our educational games to make a call on keep v’s go.  Fun afternoon playing mainly maths games.

Sam has been exploring a free trail on Clever Dragons and has had a few goes on Timez Attack – for fun!

He had his group Spanish tutorial and we spent an afternoon in the local pottery painting cafe with friends.

20150329_26 20150329_25

We’ve spent a lot of time working our way through War Time Farm and managed a morning out in the spring sunshine visiting the farm where it was filmed.  Sam was very happy to learn that they didn’t slaughter the pig on the show and she’s alive and no longer fits the name ‘Shorty’.


Lovely morning identifying places from the show, watching the animals and feeding chickens and ducks.

20150328_1020150328_1120150328_1620150328_2120150328_2220150328_2420150328_2620150328_3220150328_3320150328_3520150328_4120150328_2820150328_3820150328_2320150328_37We’ve also managed some film watching – Divergent (with Jack who had a sick day) and The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe as Sam is rereading the Narnia series again.  Other reading has been Murderous Maths as I managed to pick up a box set of the old series from Amazon.

Gang Show rehearsals are getting longer with a fortnight to show week!



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