Science Group – Introduction to Electricity

After a bit of a hiatus, when life unfortunately got in the way, we are back to having a fortnightly science session with friends.  The theme this half term is electricity.

Not a new idea to any of the kids, so more about exploring and having fun.

We started off with some fun with static electricity.  Sticking balloons to heads.

20150304_3 20150304_1Lots of balloons 🙂20150304_4 We then had a go at making tissue ghosts dance using combs.  Was far more successful simply combing hair rather than rubbing with cloths.  Then the balloons came back out.

20150304_6We had a failed attempt to make a battery using copper, zinc and vinegar.  I hadn’t managed to get hold of the thin strips they specified so it was a bodged together job anyway.

We then built simple circuits to light bulbs and tested various materials to see if they were conductors.

20150304_8They wanted to test gold so had a go with my wedding ring.20150304_10On to more circuits next time.


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