The best maths manipulatives

are edible 🙂

We finished off volume 1 of Writing With Ease this morning and having got on really well with Maths and having easily completed his bronze certificate on Mathletics in 3 days it was time for some well deserved fun.

He’s been learning about column addition and subtraction this week so decided a physical demonstration was in order.  Actually he instinctively grasped the ideas of carrying/borrowing so wasn’t needed but don’t really need an excuse for skittles.

I drew a set of columns on one sheet and wrote some sums on another.  We then laid skittles on the columns to represent the numbers, different colours for hundreds, tens and units.

For addition we would swap 10 unit skittles of 1 ten etc and the other way round for subtraction and carrying.



I did notice that actually he was doing them written first so probably a waste of time as a learning exercise but fun and we ate the skittles after (wild berry – very nice!)

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