The moon is made of green cheese

Or it might be for all we saw of it this morning.

Eclipse happened behind solid cloud cover.  Only sign was a freezing wind.  So much for my prep buying glasses.

Sam was happy with an early morning play in the park though.

20150320_11 20150320_12 20150320_8 20150320_14

After a trip to the shops and a bit of a rest (boy not quite right and energy levels keep dropping) it was on with the dairy topic.

We churned our ice cream.  It is lush, possibly the nicest vanilla ice cream I have ever tasted.  Faff to make though!

20150320_15We then mixed up some arm pit fudge so he could do the mixing bit while he did a bit of Mathletics.


Lunch was a cheesy picnic on the living room floor watching War Time Farm.  We taste tested various cheeses (regional British ones).  I’d written down the description from the package so he could guess which was which.  We then tried to describe the sticky toffee cheese I’d foolishly been unable to resist – vile about covered it.

20150320_22 20150320_39

After lunch we had another go at making butter and it worked brilliantly.  Lots of fun shaking and rolling it while we finished the week’s English.

20150320_27 20150320_2620150320_28We also watched the Tesco online field trip on making cheese.  Then made our own following the instructions in their lesson plan.  Perhaps not authentic but quick and easy and gave the idea.


We also made some non-armpit fudge.  This is my standard recipe that goes on camps a lot using chocolate Philidelphia.  We were adaptable today and made a half batch and used white choc (needs must from what was in cupboard), bit too sweet for me but suspect boys will like it.  Plus used up the last of the full fat milk which no one wanted to drink with some surface tension experimenting.


Then there was milkshake, chess and Minecraft.  He’s trying to look drunk.


Jack came home from school and went running 😀  I only laughed a bit.

This evening while Jack’s at Scouts and Pete is ‘socialising’ he has been serenading me while I’ve been doing a bit of work and typing this.





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