A Sciencey Sort of Day

Was Sam’s summing up.

After days inside waiting on deliveries, tidying out cupboards and dismantling and building furniture today was a day to get out.  For various reasons though didn’t want to go far and just ended up nipping into Fareham for a bit of shopping.  It was out though and we took my Dad along for the ride, having not seen him for a week.  Most of the return journey was spent discussing the structure on the hand – in particular why when you move one finger others move too.

This afternoon I wanted to finish off our electricity lapbook as it was starting to linger.  Before we did though Sam decided to have a second go at a lemon clock.  We’d bought one and had a go earlier in the week being unable to find the one I ‘knew’ I had in.  Of course I then found the original.20150424_1

Only it turns out the original was actually a box of kitchen science experiments.  So after the lemon clock we got distracted by …

invisible ink


vinegar and baking soda volcanoes

20150424_1020150424_11and rockets

20150424_7taking finger prints

20150424_14 20150424_15There was also looking at the sun (solar glasses had been found).


We eventually got back to electricity project and finished off by reading this book (the Science Works series is great), talked about the impact of electricity on human lives and put together the lapbook and spilt a drink all over it!

20150424_19 20150424_1720150424_1820150424_16

Then there was the science of optimum bag packing.  Cub sleepover!  I mentioned in my last post the difference in him the last year and I suppose that I’ve changed too.  Last year at the same event I worried, this time no.  Helps that his Cub leaders are fab.


Random photos of the week.  We’ve been doing a lot of moving stuff and building and dismantling.  Definitely a life skills week.  Sam is possibly second best in the house at this now :).  Also tried to get out in the sunshine and escape to the park when we could, sometimes with friends, sometimes just us.  For some people they won’t get what a big deal seeing Sam on the monkey bars is.  He is petrified of falling and it is only recently he will attempt the bars or fireman’s pole. Yes his feet are only a foot or so off the ground when he starts but for him that is big enough to be scary.  Children are all so different.

20150423_1220150420_9 20150420_10 20150420_12 20150420_15
20150425_10 20150425_12 20150425_13 20150425_11

Finally one of me.  Took the Guides to the Fire Station on Monday and I got to have a go with the hose.



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