Bumps and bleeds and blood pressure

Multiplication bump is still providing us with masses of fun.


The break from formal stuff has reinvigorated us and Duolingo is popular again.  He is trying to earn enough points to access the ‘flirting’ module.  Handwriting has suddenly clicked and become small, tidy and more than legible, it’s bordering on neat!

We started late as Sam slept in so only finished up core work about 11.15.  As we did and I was doing a bit of a tidy up before going out, I got a phone call from the person running the afternoon’s workshop to find that the engineers were still working and there were wires everywhere and it wasn’t safe to run the workshop.  After a discussion on size of venue needed we agreed that relocating to my living room was an option but we’d reassess in 1/2 hr – 10 mins before my taxi was due.  Cue stressful 1/2 hr while I tried to warn everyone and clean up worst of mess while debating cancelling taxi/moving furniture.  In the end all wires were put away and venue deemed safe.  Have to see the funny side somewhere in there!

Workshop was a 3 hr first aid session run by St John Ambulance.  Trainer wasn’t best at engaging the kids, we could have done with more adults who knew what they were doing there to support and doing the ambulance in two groups meant there was far too long of the kids not doing anything.  But they enjoyed it and I think most learned something.  I learned that I know more and can do more than I think – there was nothing there that I couldn’t have covered with the right equipment.  Definitely changed plans for delivering first aid to the Guides, will do most myself rather than getting in trainer.

This to me though is what I want from a HE group activity.  We can do a bit of first aid but we can’t bandage friends, use resuscitation dummies and gain certificates without joining with others.  I can cover the academic side easily, we don’t have an issue with friends to socialise with, it is group activities like this that I’d like more of.  But without the hours stress beforehand please 😉

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