Da Vinci – Last Supper

Realised I missed our last Da Vinci art study.

We actually skipped one of them altogether as too ill but I’d planned the Last Supper to be our last one to tie in to Easter.


The Last Supper isn’t actually a fresco as it was painted on a dry wall.  However it looks like a fresco and in the spirit of trying something different we went for a fresco technique.  We mixed up plaster of paris in a plastic pot, when it was nearly set but still damp Sam painted it with normal block watercolours.

The idea was to do an ‘Easter theme’ but I’m told that each colour represents a season so not only is it ‘eastery’ it is ‘christmassy’ and ‘halloweeny’ too.  Not much you can say to that 🙂20150415_3

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