Earth Day Crafting and a give away

Still recovering from Gang Show and doing a massive move around of stuff, new book shelves etc.  Means normal service is suspended but I am trying to add something to my todo list every day for us to do together to stop the hose taking over.

Yesterday being Earth Day we stopped for some Earth crafts.

We painted a paper lamp shade (have never got round to putting up a lampshade in the hall – only been 13 years).

20150423_2 We also made a candle holder.  We found a round vase in Wilkinson and glued on small pieces of blue and green tissue paper to make the world.  Then sealed with a layer of glue.

20150423_5 Finally I made a felt book.  I’ve decided if something really appeals to me and I know I’d enjoy making it I’ll have a go even if it is completely unsuitable for my boys (they can count).  Which brings me to the give away – the book needs a home, happy to post to UK.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook and I’ll get Sam to pick one at random.  If anyone fancies making their own instructions can be found here .

*I followed the instructions and glued, next time I do something like this I think I’ll sew. I’m not so good with the glue gun.  Less burns and will be a bit neater.  I’d be a bit wary about leaving a really young one alone with it in case they can pull a bit off.  I’d hope not but wouldn’t like to promise.

20150423_7 20150423_8 20150423_9 20150423_10 20150423_11

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