Eggcellent end to a Smashing Project

Sorry 😀

We have had really good fun with our farming project even though illness managed to scupper the end and our bread week never came off.  Our egg theme actually ended up taking 3 weeks as we have been taking things very easy and are now in holiday mode but it was Easter so – can’t have enough eggs at Easter.

We looked at different eggs. These are duck, chestnut maran and bluebell aurancana.

20150414_15 Did some baking and cooking with the eggs.

20150412_2620150412_24Made mosaic pictures with the shells. 20150414_14And a spring flower wreath with the boxes.20150414_3We watched the videos on the EatHappy site and did the activities on egg formation and maths that were linked.

20150414_18We tested eggs for freshness


We had a go at turning an egg inside out.  It failed but we hadn’t used sellotape.
20150412_16  Showing weight distribution by standing on eggs was more successful.

20150412_17 20150412_19

We had fun with a charity shop kit for building egg towers. It held the egg for about 1 1/2 seconds 🙂


20150412_2120150412_23Easter wise, boys had an easter egg obviously but only one smallish one. we opt to make rest of our treats.

Nests  20150412_7 Brownies20150404_9

Creme egg spring animals with fondant icing.

20150406_15Sam wove a basket from card and raffia for some decorated eggs.  We have Dennis the Menace and Voldemort.
20150404_520150404_6We brought our farm project to a (rough) close with a collage farm.  I say rough as still watching Edwardian Farm and dabbling in farm based stuff for work.


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