Fireman Sam

Sam was actually named after Fireman Sam by a 3 1/2 yo Jack.  I vetoed Paddington 🙂

After the excitement of last week’s Parliament trip this weeks was a lot simpler and nearer to home.  Which was good as have a major case of jelly legs after heavy cold.  We really wouldn’t have been up for anything longer/further/more complicated.

Fire Station was our destination to tick off an element of one of Sam’s Cub badges.  One noticeable effect of all of these cuts in recent years is that these sort of trips once so simple are now very difficult to organise.  They don’t have the man power available to run the visits.  We had very limited numbers, restrictions on age and a need to specify clear learning objectives – play with the hose wasn’t going to cut it.  Despite that (or maybe because of it with the way I’m feeling at the moment) it was a very good trip.

Only a couple of photos of Sam, courtesy of another home ed mum.  We’d split into groups and we were in different ones.

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